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Skill Sharing Among Beginning Farmers

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

We recently spent a snowy April morning with beginning farmer Eric Blend of the Blended Homestead, just outside of Wheeling, WV. Eric and his wife, Brianna, farm on 5 acres that they've leased across the street from their home in a little neighborhood. The Blends produce pastured poultry, pastured pigs, vegetables, and baked goods for sale at the Warwood Farmers Market and local restaurants like Wheeling Brewing Company.

Though their farm business is only a couple of years old, the Blends are already sharing what they've learned with other beginning farmers through their Youtube channel and Facebook page. Some of the skills that they've shared so far through these videos is how they set up their chicken brooders in their one car garage. They don't have a barn yet because their goal is to keep everything portable since they're leasing land.

We were super impressed by how resourceful they are. "We don't want to waste anything," Eric said. This resourcefulness has certainly given them an edge. They haven't had to take out any loans to start up their farm. They still retain their full-time jobs and they like the security that that brings. When asked what his 5-year dream is, Eric replied that he'd like to own 10 acres. Good luck and thanks for sharing your newfound skills with the world, Eric and Brianna! Find the Blended Homestead on Facebook.

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